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It's cozy and smells great in my little apartment, but I just can't feel good. I'm bundled up but I'm chilly. I'm waiting for my tea kettle to whistle. My rabbit sleeps peacefully beside my feet (at least someone can sleep). I'm never bored, but right now I wish I had something new to do.

Honestly, I miss having friends. Hell, I'd even invite my family over right now if I knew it wouldn't end up being a disaster. Lonely I guess is the word for how I feel. lol

I don't have much of a life anymore, and to be honest, that's fine with me. I've had enough drama, chaos, and danger in my past to last the remainder of my life. Now I'm placid, content to sit with my rabbit and my tea and browse questions on EP or read a little from one of the classics.

Still, it'd be nice to have people to share with on occasion.

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